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In a world where choices abound, spending is easy, and saving is vital, Quad Financial Management is for those who seek to make what matters most to them the driver for the financial decisions they make today, tomorrow, and for the future. We believe it’s important to consider the many aspects of your financial life. That encompasses your decisions about what to spend, what to save, what to invest, and what to give back.

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Our Financial Services

We offer financial advisory and planning tailored to you. At Quad Financial Management we focus on your entire financial life. Saving for retirement, saving for college, supporting your favorite charity anything you do that involves money can impact your overall success. Together we will create a plan that strives to cover it all.

Financial Planning

Developing a partnership that ensures we understand your goals lets us help you prioritize and organize your financial decisions.

Investment Management

We specialize in creating a Personalized Investment Portfolio for you to meet your goals.

Retirement Planning

Creating a retirement plan personalized to you and your goals is the purpose of retirement planning at Quad Financial Management.

Wills, Trusts and Estate Planning

Let’s define your legacy. We’ll create an estate plan in order to fulfill your legacy goals and wishes. 


Life Transition Planning

Your financial plan and portfolio will be updated to meet your post-event financial objectives so that you can have financial stability in the next phase of life.

Tax Strategies

A key component of financial planning is gaining tax efficiency. We work with you using a holistic approach that incorporates your wealth management goals to help you retain as much of your earned income as possible.

Our Clients

We are licensed and have the ability to work with clients in six different states. Our hundreds of clients are based in California, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey and New York. 

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Consult Our Wealth Manager In Raleigh, NC

Wealth managers help clients plan for their financial futures and manage their assets. This can include investment planning, retirement planning, estate planning, and tax planning. Wealth managers typically have a team of financial professionals working with them, including financial analysts and investment managers. Wealth management is a comprehensive approach to financial planning that includes goal setting, asset allocation, and investment management.

Wealth managers generally work with clients to create a personalized financial plan that meets their unique needs and goals. The first step in wealth management is to assess the client’s current financial situation. This includes reviewing their income, expenses, debts, assets, and liabilities. The wealth manager then works with the client to set financial goals. These goals may include saving for retirement, buying a home, or sending a child to college.

Get Guidance For Retirement Planning, College Savings & More

Once the goals are set, the wealth manager develops an asset allocation plan. This plan outlines how the client’s assets should be allocated among different investments, based on the client’s risk tolerance and goals. The asset allocation plan is reviewed and updated on a regular basis, as the client’s needs and goals change. The final step in wealth management is investment management. This includes selecting the appropriate investments for the client’s portfolio, based on the asset allocation plan. Investment management also includes monitoring the performance of the investments and making adjustments as needed. Ideally, you should meet with your wealth manager on a regular basis to review your progress and make any necessary changes.

If you are looking for help with your financial future, consider working with our wealth manager at Quad Financial Management. We can help you develop a personalized financial plan and select the right investments for your portfolio. Schedule your free consultation today!

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Case Studies

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Financial planning tailored to your needs.

Professional basketball player in action on a basketball field.

Financial Advisor For Professional Athletes

We helped this client develop a budget to handle influxes of capital in a way that will help high earnings last well after their sports career ends.

business people

Financial Advisor For Engineers

Engineers come to us to help examine and explain their financial portfolio. We dive deep with these clients to explore and optimize every aspect of their financial plan, whether that be tax planning, insurance policies, or investments. 

Elderly couple happily retired from successful retirement planning in North Carolina

Financial Advisor For Retirees

We help our retirees make sure they can enjoy the fruits of their labors by creating plans for capital preservation, steady cashflows, and tax efficient wealth transfer.

About Me:


For nearly 17 years, Salman Quadri has made retirement dreams and financial goals reality. He started with JP Morgan Chase as a Personal Banker at the age of 18 years old. After receiving many accolades in the retail world, he decided that he wanted to work with clients on a more personal and intimate level. He would spend the next 14 years climbing the ranks in the insurance and finance industry.

With an emphasis on income maximization, cost minimization, wealth generation, and estate preservation, his comprehensive approach to retirement planning is geared towards each client’s individual goals.

Salmon Quadri, our financial advisor in North Carolina


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